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Our team of private investigators in Maryland offer secret and skilled spying services to check on people, like workmates, workers, or family members. We use the best tools and methods to gather accurate information about things like money, cheating, and lies. We’re proud to stay hidden while discovering useful details, and we keep you informed with reports and updates. You can rely on our skilled group to give you top-notch spying services for your particular needs.


People that cheat come up with one lie after another. We help you get to the truth.

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Where is my child? Is a car seat being used? Is my spouse drinking and driving? We get the answers for you.

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Insurance Fraud​

Really injured?

Working a 2nd job while collecting compensation?

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Alcohol Abuse

We count the number of drinks consumed and during what time period. Then show the subject driving away.

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Drug Abuse

Driving to a bad area to buy drugs? Smoking pot while on the porch in the dark? Worth taking a look. 

Baltimore Private Investigator


My spouse moved out. I’d like to document whether someone is living there and get details about the person.

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Following A Vehicle

This is a very unpredictable part of surveillance. It doesn’t take long for the “subject” to notice the same vehicle behind them making the same turns and stops. The last thing we want is to be too aggressive and have the investigator get caught. If the investigator notices the subject getting curious, we will break off following. We recommend using two investigators whenever following a vehicle is part of surveillance. This allows the investigators to switch off occassionally so the subject doesn’t see the same vehicle all of the time. After the first stop sign or red light, the first investigator can turn off into a gas station as the second investigator pulls up to take over. And then investigators can switch again at some point when deemed necessary. The use of a GPS tracking device allows surveillance without the need to even have the investigators in view of the subject. The investigator(s) follow a few miles behind the subject, totally out of view, until the subject parks. Then we close in to see what’s happening and get the evidence.

Real World

Surveillance Challenges

If you need to document people entering and/or exiting a residence, we need to know the address prior to accepting your case. Not all locations are conducive to surveillance. We will take a look at the layout of the residence using Google Maps or Street View and get back to you. If Google Street View is not available we may have to drive out and have an investigator take a look. If the case is accepted, then we have to discuss how long an investigator needs to keep the residence in view. We may need a second investigator present in the event the investigator has to leave and use a rest room. All of this can be worked out once we know your exact needs. 

If investigators just need to follow a vehicle after the vehicle leaves the residence, we would typically have one investigator with a view of the vehicle from down the street, but not close enough to be noticed. A second investigator would be around the corner, totally out of view, and responsible for being the first vehicle to get behind the subject and start following. The second investigator would be on the phone with the other investigator and at some point catch up. The strategy here is to let the subject leave the residence and drive as far away as possible before anyone (investigator) pulls up behind them to start following. And then turn off letting the second investigator take over after the first couple of stop signs or traffic lights. You do not want the subject to leave the residence and see a vehicle moving while still on their own street.