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Take it slow !
Don't give anyone a
large retainer or your
credit card number.
1. Make sure that any agreement you make with an
agency is "in writing" and clearly states that no work will
be performed on your case, or invoiced, without your
prior approval.

2. If you sign up with any agency, try calling or texting
them questions occasionally prior to spending any
money. See how long it takes them to respond.

3. Get an estimate prior to providing any funds. Know
when surveillance will start and end as well as ALL costs
that you are expected to pay.

4. Only provide a deposit for what has been estimated.

5. Stay in control of the financial part of everything.
NEVER provide your credit card number or any type of
"authorization" to make charges to your account.

6. When your case is being worked by an investigator,
expect to be contacted as soon as they arrive to
describe what they are observing. We also provide time
stamped photos so that you see what we see. After all,
that's why we are there.

7. Contact the Maryland State Police licensing division to
make sure the agency you are hiring is licensed and
that there are no complaints against them.

8. Go online to the Better Business Bureau to see the
current status (rating, A+ or less) of the business.

9. If an agency offers a deal "too good to be true"; think
twice before moving forward.
AAA Surveillance, Inc.
672 Old Mill Road #325 Millersville, MD 21108
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