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Contact: Denis Cerna (210) 899-1033 Ext. 113
Know where and when the subject is spending time. Quickly
learn about suspicious locations / movements.

Here is how things work. The GPS device uses cell phone
technology to communicate the location of the black box
device you hide inside or under the vehicle. The black box
has a built in magnet for easy attachment under the vehicle.

The GPS device reports location movement, when moving,
every 60 seconds. You can view the location via the
company App or Internet website.

Using the device we recommend, things can be set up so
that you receive an email when the vehicle starts moving
and again once it has parked. So there is really no need to
be checking for movement all day long. Sit back and relax
while you wait for activity.

There is also a 30 day history available in the event you
miss a few days. You can always go back and review.

Although there are quite a few GPS companies out there,
we highly recommend this one. We have been using them
for years without any issues. One of the big advantages is
that their SIM Card uses all of the cell phone carriers. Most
other GPS companies are only tied to one carrier. That is
important because if you can't get a cell phone signal, the
device cannot report the location.

The device that we recommend will track about 1200 miles
of movement before the battery needs to be recharged.
This is double or even triple other devices on the market.

In certain situations AAA Surveillance can rent you a device.
Your name must appear on the title of the vehicle in order
for us to assist you. If you do not own the vehicle, you will
have to purchase and install the device yourself. We will
gladly provide advice whether you rent a device from us or
purchase one yourself.
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Device ($109.95),  Service Plan ($19.99) Monthly
Contact: Denis Cerna (210) 899-1033 Ext. 113