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We take great pride in presenting our surveillance results in a
professional way for our client, lawyer and/or judge.

Not only is there a time line of the investigators observations, but also
high quality time stamped photographs integrated on the same page
as the text.

This makes for easy reading and comprehension of the evidence
gathered by the investigator.
Not all video cameras are created equally. We spare no expense and make sure our investigators
have the right tools to get the job done. Our goal is to get the shot without anyone ever knowing we
were there.
We pride ourselves on being upfront about all aspects of our
business. The #1 issue with almost every client is "how much will
this cost"? We know that you do not want to experience any
financial surprises throughout this process.

We will provide you with an estimate based on what you have
scheduled. This needs to be approved by the client prior to the
work being performed.
Surveillance Estimates Provided
Discuss the possibility of hiding a GPS Vehicle Tracking
Device on the vehicle that needs to be followed to dramatically
increase the success of surveillance.
A tacking device is
provided at "no charge" when used in conjunction with our
surveillance services. Your name must be on the title of the
vehicle. If not, we cannot legally use GPS on it.
GPS Vehicle Tracking Device
Updates During Surveillance
Once the investigator arrives at the starting surveillance location,
a text / email message is sent notifying you.

As your case is being worked, our investigator keeps you up to
date as events unfold. You are always kept in the loop so that
important decisions can be made based on real time activity.

Surveillance can be stopped or extended as you desire.
Our goal is to provide you with numerous photographs so that you
see what our investigator is observing. It's true, "a picture is worth
a thousand words". Our investigators are trained to be professional
photographers. It's all about getting that 8x10 glossy photograph
that gives our client the evidence they need. These photographs
are provided at no additional cost and are date and time stamped.
Time Stamped Surveillance Photos
Court Quality Detailed Report
Amazing Zoom!
  • Adultery

  • Child Custody

  • Insurance Fraud

  • Alcohol Abuse

A Private Detective Agency licensed by the Maryland State Police
specializing in legal surveillance for Adultery, Child Custody and
Workers' Compensation cases.

Our goal is to obtain surveillance results while providing our customers
with exceptional, responsive service.
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