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We have a unique opportunity for someone interested in becoming a Private Investigator and someday
possibly opening and owning their own agency.

I started out working part time for an agency in Glen Burnie 24 years ago. After 7 years of learning all aspects
of the business I ventured out to open my own agency. Private Detective Agencies are approved and
controlled by the Maryland State Police. You must meet their qualifications in order to either work as a Private
Investigator or open your own agency. Back in the day I only needed 5 years experience working as a full time
investigator for an agency to qualify. After 7 years I felt as if I were ready to make the jump and start my own

We have a unique opportunity for someone interested in eventually opening their own agency at some point
after 5 years of training as a Private Investigator with our company. What most people do not understand
about our industry is that we do not work every day. You only work when there are surveillance cases
scheduled. It varies from month to month. You definitely need a main source of income other than working as a
Private Investigator. But you also need the flexibility to be "on-call" and run out on a case at a moments notice.
And I mean a moments notice. A perfect situation is a current case we are working. The spouse will sneak out
in the middle of the night to meet his girlfriend. The client has a GPS device on his vehicle. You may get a call
in the middle of the night to run out and get the evidence. And you will not know when the case will be finished.
I remember another case where all the client needed was for me to setup on his wifes new apartment and get
the boyfriend leaving in the morning. It was a Thursday and I figured I would only be a few hours. Well my
client's wife and the boyfriend came out together with luggage. Once we crossed the Bay Bridge I called my
client to see if he wanted me to continue following. I spent the entire weekend in Ocean City and followed them
back Monday. So the person we hire needs that type of flexibility.

The perfect employee would have a job possibly driving full time as an Uber driver or any situation where they
have a flexible schedule. You also need to be able to go weeks without any work. Not that it happens often, but
there are times where we have down time without any cases to work. The goal is to have this person work
every case under the supervision of a trained professional.

We view this opportunity as a 3 year training position with an additional 2 years of business training. We spend
the first 3 years teaching you all aspects of the investigative side of the business. How to setup on a case. Use
of the equipment. How to type a report. How to manage photos and video files. Court testimony tips. Years 4
and 5 are spent on the business side related to client communications, estimates, invoicing and case

Here are the things that you need to bring to the job other than a totally flexible schedule.

1. Able to pass a criminal background check ($100) via Maryland State Police / FBI. Although we may want to
hire someone, the Maryland State Police has to approve it.

2. Have a reliable current model van or SUV that allows you to pull into a neighborhood, find a parking space
and hide out in the back behind tinted windows for 1-12 hours. The color of the vehicle is important since you
may need to follow the subject at some point. So odd colors are not acceptable.

3. Ability to move quickly from the front seat to the back seat and back again.

4. Ability to stand in one location in all types of weather for long periods of time.

5. Ability to observe and stay focused on a vehicle or front door watching for movement and capture it on

6. Drive to various addresses using GPS navigation on your phone or other device.

7. Have a valid EZ-PASS device in your vehicle to pay tolls.

8. Have an iPhone with ability to install Voxer, Google Docs, Google Drive, Google Keep and TimeStamp apps.

9. A Gmail account.

10. Ability to buy a Canon G40 camcorder.

11. Ability to learn various camera operations obtaining properly focused footage, shutter speed adjustment,
manual focus, etc.

12. Thirty (30) minute response time to cases in the Glen Burnie area.

If you are interested in this opportunity please DO NOT CALL. All communications will be via email at

A resume is not necessary. Please address each of the 12 items listed and any qualifications that would make
you a good fit for the job.
Maryland Private Investigator
Maryland Private Investigator
Maryland Private Investigator