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AAA Surveillance, Inc. 672 Old Mill Road #325 Millersville, MD 21108
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672 Old Mill Road Millersville, MD 21108
AAA Surveillance
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(443) 848-9400 Maryland Private Investigator
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"RUSH" Service Provided
Maryland Private Investigator at AAA Surveillance
AAA Surveillance,Baltimore Annapolis Maryland Private Investigator
Low Retainer
Provide a "deposit" for the
hours you need and take it
one day at a time.
Maryland Private Investigator
Surveillance Updates
We update you during
surveillance so that you know
what's happening and can
adjust our hours accordingly.
Private Investigator in Maryland, AAA Surveillance
443-848-9400 Maryland Private Investigator baltimore annapolis maryland private investigators
Attorney Referrals
Dawn Green (410) 280-2696
Leslie Billman (410) 280-1700
Todd Bennett (410) 280-1700
Paula Nightingale (443) 758-6841
Charlotte Weinstein (410) 280-2696
GPS Tracking Device
We recommend devices sold
by Land Air Sea. Text us if
you have questions.
Photographs are inserted into the
report just below the text describing
what the investigator observed.
Court quality, detailed reports
with a timeline of the investigators
TYPED REPORT Maryland Private Investigator
Maryland Private Investigator located AAA Surveillance 672 Old Mill Road Millersville, MD 21108
People that cheat on their spouse
come up with one lie after another.
We help you get the answers that
you need.
AAA Surveillance, Inc. is a maryland private investigator
By far the most stressful surveillance situation.
Where is my child? Is a car seat being used? Is
the parent drinking and driving? We get the
On countless occasions, we have
recorded activities of people who are
collecting compensation improperly.
AAA Surveillance, Inc.
STEP #1 - "Sign Up" by clicking the link at the top of the page.
Describe what you would like to accomplish and your case details
i.e. names, address, vehicles, etc.
STEP #2 - Select date, time and location for surveillance to begin.
We also need to discuss whether this is "stationary" or "mobile"
surveillance. This determines the number of investigators needed.
STEP #3 - Provide a deposit to cover the first 3 hours of surveillance.
Plus the estimated travel time to/from our Millersville office to the
surveillance location.
STEP #4 - During surveillance, we will text, call or email you
updates so that you are in the loop. Financial updates will also be
provided so that there are no surprises.
STEP #5 - Once surveillance has concluded, we will send you
a typed report with "Time Stamped" photos of important events. This
report is suitable for court testimony, if needed.
maryland private investigators
It's a very typical situation. Not
every surveillance situation can
be planned out in advance.

* Surveillance

* Typed Report

* Time Stamped Photographs

* $0.00 Cents Per Mile (unlimited)
"3 Hour" On-Site Minimum
Surveillance can be conducted with a 3
hour on-site minimum plus travel time
to/from our Millersville office.
Kenny Creel
Investigations Manager
Johnny Walker
Investigations Manager
Monday - Friday 9:00am to 9:00pm
Saturday & Sunday 9:00am to 9:00pm